We create custom unique experiences.

Props and scenes, interiors and furnishings, anywhere in the range of fully functional to purely representative objects.

Our latest & current projects:


"De Winter"

We designed the production for our friends at Festimi. As a special little something, we designed a new model of our light surfaces.

Our Featured Projects.

Light installations for Festimi

We have made several fixed and temporary light installations for the popular concept Festimi.


For more information on our light designs click here.

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LED entrance for WONDR Experience Amsterdam

Our design for the entrance of our highly valued client: WONDR. We take great pleasure in creating such custom experiences!

For more information about our custom experiences click here.

Interior Raibu fashion

We have designed the new interior for Raibu, a beautiful clothing store in Amsterdam. Make sure to stop by there!

For more information on our interior design click here.

Decor A.S.C. / A.V.S.V. Lustrum

We completely filled up two rooms of the massive Warehouse Elementenstraat with decor for the lustrum of the student Association A.S.C. / A.V.S.V.

For more information on our decoration click here.


Main Stage Vunzige Deuntjes

We went big for Vunzige Deuntjes at By The Creek Festival 2018. The stage represents a mega hotel in art-deco style.

For more info on our stage designs click here.



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