About us

Originally founded by Maurits de Kleermaeker and Ryan Reddy after finishing their study in Woodworking and Furniture back in 2015, Reddymaekers was born. After a few years of service Ryan left the team by the end of 2018. This led to a transitional period resulting in Reddymaekers becoming part of the JMR Production Solutions company in January 2019. Still producing under the original name, the company is now led by Maurits and Jason.

Reddymaekers is a creative production company. We guarantee a reliable, flexible and quick service. Within our young but experienced team we posses a wide range of qualities in the field of scenography, design, and the manufacture of light, interior, and decor. Each of our colleagues carefully addresses each job, gives his or her input and comes with creative solutions for all challenges. This way we deliver professional result on short term for a reasonable price.


We work on a personal level, so no "middleman". We are always available by phone or e-mail and are happy to stop by and work out a plan together. Driven and with attention to detail, we will always deliver a sturdy product within the given time. 

Our Team


Maurits is the founder of Reddymaekers and also head of design. With a strong vision and a no nonsense mindset he is the embodiment of the company.

Partner, Head of Design

T.:  +31 6 23 01 85 61


Jason has been working for several years within the creative industry. He joined Maurits as a partner of the company in January 2019. As the logistics force he is responsible for all the finances, planning, and HRM related business. On top of that he is also highly involved in the design and production process.

Partner, Financial & Operational Director - Designer

T.:  +31 6 37 35 34 88


David is a true soldier. He doesn't hold back and he designs and creates with pure passion and exquisite craftsmanship. A major asset for the company.


T.:  +31 6 50 62 51 59


Tomek is here for you. He is our Sales Account Manager. With a lot of experience within the hospitality industry he will make sure that you are a hundred percent happy and satisfied.

Sales Account Manager

M.: info@reddymaekers.com

T.:  +31 6 28 60 14 46


Max is our beloved light designer. A cornerstone in creating the immersive experience that Reddymaekers likes to provide.

Light Designer

T.:  +31 6 46 64 56 41


Floris is our helping hand in the backoffice. With a background in fiscal economy, he works with Jason on our financial planning and general business intelligence. 

Financial Director